Al Burton Productions

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This was the production company of composer, conductor, consultant, producer, production manager and screenwriter Al Burton.

Logo (October 3, 1984-April 26, 2001)

Visuals: Set on a sky background is a pennant-shaped flag of France. The text "AL BURTON Productions" appears on the flag.


  • Starting in 1987, the background was slightly redone (one difference is that the flagpole is less metallic), and the text (which is less bold than the original version) fades in. This first appeared on the second season of Charles in Charge.
  • On The New Lassie, the logo has a filmed look to it.
  • On Turn Ben Stein On, instead of the text fading in, it just slides in.

Technique: Simple superimposing effects over an art card.

Audio: The ending theme of the show or on The New Lassie, an 8-note piano theme which plays over the Palladium Entertainment logo.

Availability: Seen on Charles in Charge, The New Lassie, and Turn Ben Stein On.

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