Virgo Putra Film

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1st Logo (1985)

Visuals: There is a space background as it zooms through a starfield, Then all the stars are connected into rays as it zooms so fast, then it goes to entire black with some light on the left, Then we see a strange green object and an abstract "VP" zooming in, Then we see the words "P.T. VIRGO PUTRA FILM" trailing in as it stretches out.

Technique: Possibly CGI or Scanimate for the starfield, and cel animation for the forming of the logo.

Audio: A loud zap, then some wind sounds which transmit into a "wee-wee" synth note. It concludes with a finishing fanfare with the last note being held.

Availability: Seen on Virgo Putra's films throughout the early to mid-80s, including Cinta di Balik Noda and Serpihan Mutiara Retak.

2nd Logo (June 30, 1989)

Visuals: On a light blue background, we see parts of a "VP" connecting together (With the left part like a filmstrip), Then the words "VIRGO PUTRA FILM" wipe in and "mempersembahkan" wipes in below.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: "Blaze of Brass (c)" by Cecil Milner, accompanied by whooshing sounds.

Avaliability: So far, this was only seen on Pemblasan Si Mata Elang.

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