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P.T. Kanta Indah Film is an Indonesian film production company. It was one of the most productive in the 1980s, producing mainly action and adult films. Kanta Indah Film did not use a logo until 1985. In 2020, Kanta Indah Film merged with Diwangkara Film to form Aurora Films.

1st Logo (January 18, 1985-1990s)

Visuals: On a navy blue background, there is a yellow K. There are glimmering lights inside the K. Its right side has been extended to give space for "if". The K zooms in to a comfortable distance. Then, "P.T. KANTA INDAH FILM" in yellowish-white zooms out. The remainder of the logo has the lights glimmering in the K until the music ends, which is at the point the logo fades out (or sometimes cut to the opening credits).


  • On Tak Ingin Sendiri (the first film to have this logo), the "K" is more crudely-drawn and the company name is in yellow.
  • On films produced along with Sanggar Film, the logo is in red along with the aforementioned company logo (also in red) in a teal BG.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The 1972 Cinema International Corporation logo theme.

Availability: While having a short lifespan, Kanta Indah produced many films during this period as it's one of the most productive at the time. It debuted on Tak Ingin Sendiri (and is left intact on FLIK TV's airing) and can be seen on the rest of their output of the period.

2nd Logo (2019)

Visuals: The logo emerges out of a dark foggy background, flickering pink. The logo consists of a wolf's head, with the left part of it being an outline and the right part of it colored in a crystalline pink color scheme. Below is "KANTA INDAH" with "FILMS" underneath, separated by a line.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: The opening theme.

Availability: Seen on Pintu Merah.

Kanta Indah Film
Aurora Films
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