Trinity Entertainment Network

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Logo (November 30, 2023-)

Visuals: Five segmented, thin lines are drawn in from right to left on a white background. Then, an array of half notes with stems pointed upwards or downwards slide in from the right in a curved direction, bouncing upwards when reaching the bottom of the staff. As the screen zooms in after the array ends, the screen changes colours to a blue background with white musical notes. The staff lines are quickly removed to make room for ""TRINITY" in white to draw in letter by letter. After that, the text, alongside the emergence of "ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK" underneath, becomes yellow, then switches colours with the background, followed by gaining a black fill, then back to blue alongside the background colour becoming gray, followed by yellow on a black background, and finally black text on a solid white colour. "TRINITY" quickly bounces upwards after the colour changing sequence.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: A soft and upbeat, digital hip hop jingle.

Availability: This logo appears on Falling in Love Like in Movies.

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