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Jimi Film Co., Ltd. (주식회사지미필림) was a South Korean film production and distribution enterprise.

Logo (August 23, 1986-1990s)

Visuals: A murky background made up of orange and yellow tones (similar to Jupiter) fade into view; the large letters "JF" are superimposed onto it. Below is the text: 주식회사지미필림제작배급 ("produced and distributed by Jimi Film Co., Ltd."). The letters flash, and then the scene fades out.


  • On co-productions with Se Han Promotion Co., Ltd., a print version of the logo is seen to the right side of Se Han's print logo.
    • On the trailer for All For You, the logo fades in over a black background.
    • On Water World, the logo wipes in over a black background.
  • On the trailer for Myong-Ja Akiko Sonia, the print logo on its own is seen over a black background not unlike the variants above, but the year "1992" is below it in big numbers.

Technique: Simple shine effects.

Audio: Some quiet brass notes with an arpeggiating synth, while a loud wind sound plays. Later, a bombastic synth theme plays.

Availability: May be seen preceding the 1986 film Ticket.

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