Ganesha Film

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P.T. Ganesha Film was an Indonesian film production company active in the 1980s.

1st Logo (June 4, 1984)

Visuals: On a purple background, a yellow circle outline is seen with "P.T. GANESHA FILM" arched within it. A filmstrip-like banner is seen below with "MEMPERSEMBAHKAN" inscribed.

Technique: A still painting.

Audio: "Fanfares #2" by Mark Winter from the Valentino Music Library.

Availability: This logo is seen on Asal Tahu Saja.

2nd Logo (1986-1987)

Visuals: On a dark blue wall, a statue of the Hindu god Ganesha is seen. A blue banner outline fades in, arched around the statue. "PT. GANESHA FILM" wipes in from left to right within the banner. Afterwards, "mempersembahkan" wipes in also from left to right below. The statue then fades out, followed by the rest of the graphics.

Technique: Live-action and cel animation.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare.

Availability: This logo is seen on Dendam Dua Jagoan and Misteri Rumah Tua.

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