Thin Man Films

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Thin Man Films is a British film production company founded by Mike Leigh and Simon Channing Williams in 1988.

1st Logo (November 22, 1990-October 22, 2004)

Visuals: An in-credit logo, it consists of a fat brunette white man in blue overalls and a light blue button down shirt. While looking to the top left, he is pointing at the company name. This is a still logo.


  • The placement of the man in relation with the text may vary; sometimes having the man centred on the screen or having him on the right side.
    • On All or Nothing and Vera Drake, the man is in the top center of the stack of text. While the former film does not contain the company name, the latter does on the bottom of the screen where it reads "A Thin Man Films / Les Films Alain Sarde Production for Inside rack 1 LLP. International Sales STUDIOCANAL".
  • Starting with Secrets and Lies, the man is in the same colour as the ending credit's primary colour. Only his hair, overalls, and shoes are filled in while the rest are black with a thin outline.
  • On Naked, the man is in grayscale.

Technique: Traditional ink and paint.

Audio: The ending theme of the film.


  • This logo appears at the end of the company's films from this period.
  • The variant where the man is coloured in is only appears on Life is Sweet, the first film to use this logo, and A Sense of History.
    • Naked also contains said variant albeit in black and white.
  • The outline variant can be seen on Secrets and Lies, Career Girls, All or Nothing, and Vera Drake.

2nd Logo (April 18, 2008-)

Visuals: The man from before is now inside a vertical white box and in a black and white colour scheme. The text "THIN MAN FILMS" in a stacked format is to the left of the box.


  • In the logo's early years, the company name would be part of the same format as the end credits, placing it either on top or underneath the man.
  • On Another Year, the man is inside a white circle.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of the film.

Availability: Like before, this logo appears at the end of their productions since the late 2000's. The logo made its debut on Happy Go Lucky and later appears on Another Year, Mr. Turner, and Peterloo. The latter two films contain the normal version of the logo.

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