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DNA Films is a British film production company founded by Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald in 1997.

1st Logo (19 January 2001-16 September 2005)

PAL Pitched

NTSC Pitched

Visuals: Over a blue background, 3 squares revolve around with various mismatched bodies (like a Rubik's Cube), forming several people dancing and miming to the voice heard in the logo, until the boxes form a robot dancing in a feminine news reporter's body. It then fades into a white box reading "DNA" on it, with "films" next to it. On the bottom right, the URL "www.dnafilms.com" appears.

Variant: A still variant exists.

Technique: CGI mixed with live-action footage.

Audio: A dramatic synth-piano theme with a whispery voice saying "D... N... A..." one letter at a time, then a distorted robotic voice saying "DNA." Otherwise, it's the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on movies from the period, such as Beautiful Creatures and The Parole Officer.

2nd Logo (25 December 2006-)

Visuals: There is a spiral of many "DNA"s in yellow with red side for strips on a black background. The screen then pans across and many of the strips are seen until the camera stops at a "DNA" in the middle with four "DNA"s in the corners of the screen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Deep whooshes and the sounds of a projector.

Availability: Seen on films such as 28 Days Later and Never Let Me Go.

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