Sovann Macha Films

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Sovann Macha Films (សុវណ្ណមច្ឆាភាពយន្) was a Cambodian film production company.

1st Logo (1990)

Visuals: The logo opens with a blue background which gradually dissolves, revealing a blue-yellow sparkling sunburst background and a rippling water line on the center of the screen. A golden statuette of a mermaid (Sovann Macha/Suvannamaccha, a mermaid princess popular in Southeast Asian Buddhist folklore) fades in. "ផលិតកម្" in a gold arched font wipes in from left to right above Sovann Macha. "សុវណ្ណមច្ឆាភាពយន្" also in an arched gold font pops up below. The logo then fades in to a blue background.

Technique: Grass Valley 500 production switcher effects for the dissolving blue background, live-action and practical effects for the rest of the logo.

Audio: A dreamy harp glissando, followed by a drum roll when the statuette fades in. A female choir singing is heard after that.

Availability: Seen on Pisout Snae.

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