Kadokawa Pictures USA

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Kadokawa Pictures USA was the American division of the Japanese company of the same name, formed around 2006 to help distribute their products with some companies, like Bandai Entertainment. The company ceased operations on August 31, 2009.[1]

Logo (2006-2009)

Visuals: Starting on a black background, the camera quickly zooms through some clouds, revealing a golden/black cloudscape with thunder coming out of the clouds. A black feather flies in and eventually a few more fly by as the camera flies around the area. The camera then reveals a large mass of black feathers, with large wings flapping and an object in the middle that starts to glow orange. Thunder then emerges from the object, forcing back the feathers as the object coats itself in flames, revealing a stylized bird with a black body and golden wings, with one small and sharp, and the other large and round, loosely based on the Kadokawa logo. The text "KADOKAWA PICTURES" then appears on each side of the bird, formed by shining lights and thunder appearing all over the place. The logo slowly zooms back with the shining text before a black feather suddenly emerges from behind the logo and flies towards the screen, cutting to black.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The sound of wind and thunder roaring, which is followed by a orchestral fanfare, ending with a timpani beat. On One Missed Call, it used the opening theme.

Availability: It appeared on several anime DVD releases from Bandai Entertainment, like Lucky Star, and also appeared on the American remake of One Missed Call.


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