MC Production

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1st Logo (September 9, 1978)

Visuals: The logo fades in as the camera is extremely close, then it zooms out fast, there is a very 1970s-esque font saying "MC·PRODUCTION", the camera pans left and right, then it fades out.

Technique: Possibly live-action for the logo.

Audio: A funky fanfare.

Availability: Seen on รักทะเล้น.

2nd Logo (June 11-November 19, 1983)

Visuals: There is a young child staring at the viewer. Then, the logo's symbol in cyan, which is a sign-like drawing with the words "MC" above it and "PRODUCTION" in it fades in. The logo then cuts to the opening credits.

Technique: Live-action for the picture, and animation for the symbol.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie, which is warped.

Availability: Seen on วันวานยังหวานอยู่ and วันนี้ยังมีเธอ.

3rd logo (1984)

Visuals: Set in front of what appears to be a group of soldiers (likely part of the opening movie) is the stacked text "MC PRODUCTION" in the center. Sandwiched between the stacked text is a short line and on both sides of MC are two stars. A long oval-like curve is seen nearly enclosing "PRODUCTION". After 4 seconds, the camera zooms in whilst the logomark remains idle.

Technique: Live-action. None for the logomark.

Audio: A drum riff (likely the opening theme).

Availability: Seen on ท.ทหารอดทน.

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