Hanuman Production

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1st Logo (December 30, 1954-December 1955)

Visuals: On a red wall, a circle with a turquoise outer frame is seen, containing a statue of the Hindu god Hanuman against a blue background. A stone banner below the circle has the company name in Thai "หนุมาน ภาพยนตร์" inscribed in yellow.

Variant: On the original version of Santi-Vina, the logo is slightly different and zoomed out. Also, the inner background is a rocky wall which changes colors throughout the logo.

Technique: A still, live-action shot. The original version features practical effects for the color-changing background.

Audio: A bombastic fanfare.

Availability: This logo is seen on Forever Yours. The variant was seen on the original version of Santi-Vina.

2nd Logo (June 1961-October 30, 1964)


  • Black Silk: The statue from before is seen against a rocky wall.
  • Sugar is Not Sweet: A silhouette of the statue is seen, backlit against a black background. The background then brightens up revealing the rocky wall, but white-colored. The statue gets lit up as this happens.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A traditional bombastic fanfare.

Availability: Only seen on Rattana Pestonji's two films, Black Silk and Sugar is Not Sweet.

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