Akaraseranee Production

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Akaraseranee Production (อัครเศรณีโปรดักชั่น) was the production company of Thai actor, director, producer and screenwriter Pisan Akaraseranee (พิศาล อัครเศรณี).

Logo (November 8, 1985?-December 10, 1988?)

Visuals: On a black background with colorful sparks of light being emitted from the center, there is a gold statuette of a dancing apsara. "อัครเศรณีโปรดักชั่น" in pink is underneath, arched around the statuette.

Technique: Live-action and practical effects.

Audio: "Dramatic Fanfare 2" by Roger Roger from the Valentino production music library.

Availability: Seen on their films such as เพลงสุดท้าย (The Last Song) and พ่อปลาไหล แม่พังพอน.

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