Golden Bird Films

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Golden Bird Films (បក្សីមាសភាពយន្ត) was a Cambodian film production company.

1st Logo (1980s?/1990s?)

Visuals: On a spinning and glittering pinwheel background, there is a gold bird statuette on top of a golden "GB". Above is "បក្សីមាស" in blue". Below is the color-changing "ភាពយន្ត". To the sides of the bird are slanted Khmer text. The logo starts out in negative as a square transition removes the negative effect. After a few seconds, another square transition appears, turning the logo negative again. It cuts to the film.

Technique: Production switcher and practical effects.

Audio: The Star Wars theme.

Availability: Seen on ទុក​ស្នេហ៍​ជូន​បង.

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