Choung Meas Films

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Choung Meas Films (ឈូងមាសភាពយន្) was a Cambodian film production company.

Logo (1988)

Visuals: On a rippling pink and green background, a golden bell zooms out. The background then turns into a blue sparkling sunburst background. Arched Khmer text "ផលិតកម្" appears above the bell. Two sets of slanted text "ឈូងមាស" and "ភាពយន្" wipes in from the center, flanking the bell. A yellow filmstrip banner wipes in below from left to right, which reads "CHOUNG MEAS FILMS". The screen fades to green.

Technique: Production switcher and practical effects.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Seen on Chheam Prolak Keo Pnake.

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