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Park Films (寶樹影片公司) was a film production company established in Taiwan by Shaw Brothers actress Kao Pao-shu. The name comes from Kao's second husband's name, Vengee Park.

Logo (December 8, 1971-1980)

Visuals: On a colorized background (either blue, dark blue, Air Force blue, yellow or pale green), there is a green, murky green, yellow or plain white (depending on the variant) of the abstract plant (representing a umbrella) wiping in following with "PARK FILMS" in a arched font. The red Chinese text "寶樹影片公司" (written backwards) and the English name "PARK FILMS presents" appears below.


  • On The Cannibals, the background was cropped to 4:3 to fit the screen.
  • In later years, the logo is still. It was appeared only on The Master Strikes. On the animated variant, there is a fanfare from the Hwa Kuo Movie Studio logo, the logo then freezes, and then cut to the opening theme of the film. This variant is unknown or in-progress name, but the print of the film would plasters to the theatrical version of the logo.
  • Sometimes, the blue or green background would be later light green, pale green, blue or murky green, depending on the variant. The early variant has no English text appeared, only a Chinese text, and the logo is seen on a concrete background.
  • On early releases leaving only the finished product with "PARK FILMS presents"

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: There are three versions:


  • Seen on some films like Win Them All, Female Fugitive, The Damned and The Master Strikes.
  • The opening theme was seen on The Jade Fox.
  • The in-progress version with the Hwa Kuo fanfare was seen on the later print of The Master Strikes.
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