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1st Logo (1987-1994)

Visuals: On a space background with a blue gradient underneath, a light flashes, which creates the Buddha statue, then the leaf which follows suit, forming the one seen on the previous logo. Then, a triangle with the "SM" logo underneath is then drawn while a copy of it zooms to the logo, which then turns into a solid green color. The company name in Thai (in green) and in English (in blue) zoom underneath the logo in with a trail effect.

Variant: A videotaped variant was spotted.

Technique: Motion-controlled and traditional animation.

Audio: “Proclamation” by David Snell, a soothing triumphant fanfare that ends suddenly.

Availability: Seen on some movies during the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Do Unto the Other.

2nd Logo (1994-November 2003)

Visuals: In front of a nebula on a space background, a spinning ring of smoke spins, which has a green triangle on it. The triangle comes into view, and we see the triangle's underside, which has blue rays on it. A golden leaf centers itself on the logo, which then flashes and creates the Buddha and the "SM" logo. The text from before, now in white, fades underneath.

Variant: On later releases, the Thai text is different and the name was changed to "SAHAMONGKOL FILM CO., LTD.".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An electronic rendition of “Proclamation”, complete with electronic whooshes, crashes, and explosions, and a different ending. For the later variant, an orchestral version of “Proclamation” was used.

Availability: Seen on some movies by the company from the '90s, like Mean Street Blues, the Thai dub version of Tai-Chi Master and Thai dub version of Armageddon.

Sahamongkolfilm Co., Ltd.
Mongkol Cinema Company Limited
Sahamongkol Film International
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