Boje Buck Filmproduktion

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Boje Buck Filmproduktion is a German production company founded by Claus Boje and Deltev Buck in 1991.

Logo (November 14, 1991-)

Visuals: On a country landscape background, there is a close-up of a blue-white rabbit with a snake in its mouth and a predatory look in its eyes. The screen then slowly zooms away, revealing the rest of the rabbit and snake and a brown rabbit behind. Then on the left, "BOJE BUCK" and "präsentiert" with a black shadow under the text fades in. The upper text is black and in the Stencil font, with a red separation line and appears creased.

Trivia: The picture of the rabbit is actually a painting by German cartoonist and author Ernst Kahl, called Balsam und Gift. It originally had the rabbit with a tired expression, but he then released books titled the same name with the rabbit having the current predatory expression in the covers.

Variant: Starting around 2009, the logo was modified. After the screen has finished zooming out, the text splashes in and is slightly rotated. Also, the "präsentiert" below is removed. In addition, the logo's colors look contrasted and is zoomed out a bit further.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie or none.

Availability: Seen on films distributed by the company, such as Knallhart, Wir können auch anders, Same Same but Different, Sonnenallee, Herr Lehmann, Bandyta, Measuring the World, NVA, and the Bibi & Tina films.

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