Boje Buck Filmproduktion/Logo Variations

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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Boje Buck Filmproduktion, with more to be added overtime.

NVA (2005)
  • The rabbit wears a soldier hat and his ear twitches at the end. Also, the logo's colors look washed out.

Knallhart (2006)
  • The background is black, and only the rabbit with the snake is seen, in black and white and in a much darker tone. The name is in a different font (like it's written with a crayon on a blackboard) and just slides in from the left, has a crayon white separator, and the text "präsentiert" doesn't appear.

Hands off Mississippi (2007)
  • After the logo is done, the background becomes stylised on a wooden background with gold outlines as it moves to the right, seguing into the credits.

Same Same But Different (2009)
  • The rabbit and the snake appear inside some high grass in a landscape with palm trees in the background. Only the upper half of the bodies of both animals are visible due to the height of the grass. In addition, the text has a blue separator and just splashes in. The logo also begins with the transition of a circle zooming in on a black background.

Measuring the World (2012)
  • The logo is tinted in different color hues. The name also splashes in, like the later variant of the normal logo.
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