Winfair Productions Ltd.

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (June 8, 1995)

Visuals: On a space background, an angular prism rotates around and then 2 beams of light slice the prism into 3 pieces. One of the pieces then move away as the 2 other pieces morph into 2 Chinese characters. It then flickers as the screen zooms out to reveal a shiny filmstrip with the characters on every pane. It then slows down and then in quick succession, it shortens into a single silver pane as 10 beams of light appear and move out from the top and bottom of the pane and then the characters in blue then zoom in. Blue Chinese characters appear below it one by one and 2 lights wipe in "WINFAIR PRODUCTIONS LTD." below.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: An ominous synth effect score, along with whooshes and crashing noises as the prism is broken, then a gong-like sound effect as the filmstrip forms and zooms out. Then, a shorter version of National Enterprise (3) by Keith Mansfield plays (a stock track).

Availability: Only known to be seen on Da hua ying xiong (Lying Hero).

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