Wasti Pictures

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Logo (June 17, 1966)

Visuals: There is a set of live footages containing the following in order:

  • A cloudy sky being partly shrouded by trees
  • A tree being blown by strong wind in a stormy environment
  • A series of lightning strikes (which is actually stock footage)
  • A view of the cloudy sky

Another footage of lightning (except very short) is then shown which abruptly cuts to a footage of a view of heavy clouds, where the white company name in Urdu:

واسطی پکچرز

fades in the middle. It all then fades out together.

Technique: Live action and fading effects.

Audio: First, there are sounds of a thunderstorm and wind blowing combined with a man saying something in Urdu. A loud thunder crash is then heard afterward, which is then followed by a four-note orchestral theme.

Availability: Seen on Jalwa.

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