Waris Pictures

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This is the production company of Indian director S. Waris Ali.

Logo (November 30, 1981-December 1, 1992?)

Visuals: The screen zooms outwards from a pink lotus flower in the middle of the ocean (?), then, the letters: "W" and "P", with a white gradient and outline, comes out of the flowewr then stops when it's fully exposed. The company's name "WARIS PICTURES" in white with a pink outline then fades in a few seconds later. The logo fades to black afterwards.


  • On Be-Sahaara, it is still.
  • On Parayaa Ghar, we first see the stock lightning footage (used in various South and some Southeast Asian logos) but in a different color, then we proceed to the actual logo itself.

Technique: A mix of stop-motion animation and camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A catchy traditional Indian tune with a tabla and a sitar.

Audio Variants:

  • Chaar Maharathi: The sounds of a thunderstorm (the Castle Thunder stock sound effect) followed by a man saying something in Hindi when the company's name fades in.
  • Parayaa Ghar: We first hear the BBC thunderclap played 3 times in a row, followed by the same man saying the same phrase in Hindi, ending with a sitar fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Chetna Do Raahe Par, Chaar Maharathi, Be-Sahaara and Parayaa Ghar. It may also have been seen on Swarg Se Pyaara Ghar Hamara.

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