Verma Combines

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Verma Combines was an Indian film company founded by Indian film producer Pappu Verma, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood.

Logo (October 25, 1985-May 15, 1987)

Visuals: There is a footage of a silhouette of a horse on a sunset eashore. In front of the horse is a figure of the letter V with a curve at the right branch. The hose then prances, liftig one's front legs and head, which causes 2 sets of text:


to wipe in from both ends at the bottom portion of the screen. It then proceeds to the opening credits of the movie.

Variant: A non-incredit variant exists on Naam O Nishan.

Technique: Live-action footage combined with cel animation.

Audio: The horse's neigh followed by the opening theme.

Audio variant: On Naam O Nishan, after the horse stops neighing, it remains silent.

Availability: The in-credit variant can be seen on Jaan Ki Baazi, while the regular variant can be seen on Naam O Nishan.

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