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Logo (March 21, 1977-August 22, 1980)

Visuals: There are some live action scenes of natural disasters in order of appearance:

  • A strong wind moving some grass.
  • A landslide.
  • Clouds moving fast and heavy rain on a dark sky.
  • Some lightning (actually stock footage).
  • Some big waves.

After this, we see in the middle of a dark sky a red hand-made trishul (a type of South Asian trident) that throws some lightning, while the clouds are moving. "TRISHUL" comes from the right portion of the screen and stops next to the trident. Then, the live action movement of the sky freezes for 21 seconds (until the end of the logo).

Technique: Live-action and cel animation.

Audio: The sound of a strong wind during the first two scenes, the sound of a thunderstorm (which is actually the Castle Thunder stock sound effect) until the last scene. When the trident throws the lightning, we hear their sounds. And finally, the male singing the Pavamana mantra in the middle of a strong wind.

Availability: Seen only on Khoon Khraba and Dhoop Chhaon.

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