Thiruvalluvar Kalaikoodam

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Logo (November 20, 1992-2002)

Visuals: On a dark background, there are some white lamps turned on, and another being surrounded by two big circles made with lamps. Then, the first circle and the lamp in the middle appear bigger, with several red lamps. The background disappears and a globe is rotating. There's a zoom out and we see that the globe is in the middle of a dark background with some white lamps. The globe stops when it reaches India, and its borders turn neon blue. There's another zoom out, and the globe is dark, with the exception of the borders of the India. The background is similar to the previous one, but with some red lights on the lower side of the screen. A big cylinder appears behind the globe, ascending, while the background is being illuminated by a blue light. The cylinder fades out and is replaced by the statue of a saint with a red neon crown, and the blue light and lamps disappear, turning the background darker than before (only the crown and the borders of India are still illuminated), and some balls appear on the lower part of the screen. There's an illumination of the globe, the statue and the balls. A saint appears on top of the globe and the name of the company in Tamil appears from behind the earth.

Trivia: The saint is actually Thiruvalluvar, a famous Tamil poet and philosopher from 3rd Century BC.

Technique: Practical effects and live-action modeling.

Audio: A long synthesized note and a cymbal and drum roll until the earth stops moving. Then, a note with an electric guitar, a creepy melody with a piano and a cymbal roll. When the blue light disappears and the background turns black, we hear a hit of a gong and a note of a tanpura. Finally, there's a melody with a sitar and a crash of a cymbal.

Availability: Seen on Onna Irukka Kathukanum, Porantha Veeda, Puguntha Veeda, Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana, Pongalo Pongal, Viralukketha Veekkam, Koodi Vazhnthal, Kodi Nanmai, Veettoda Mappillai and Namma Veetu Kalyanam.

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