Sushil Enterprises

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Logo (August 19, 1981)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a star slowly zooming in towards the camera. After it gets close enough, a red vertical audio graph in a white box appears for a couple seconds as it moves while the announcer speaks, possibly determining the amount of decibels the movie has. The company name doesn't appear whatsoever.

Technique: Likely a mix of camera-controlled animation and scanimate.

Audio: A dramatic loud note that is being held, then a man saying "شمع الٰہی کو کون بجھا سکتا ہے، جو خدا راضی ہو اسے کون مٹا سکتا ہے", which syncs with the wave bar.

Availability: Seen on Khwaja ki Diwani.

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