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Suresh Productions is a Telugu language film company founded in 1963 by D. Ramanaidu, with its headquarters on the Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad. This company has produced more than 150 movies since 1964 in 13 Indian languages, most of them in Telugu.

Suresh Productions (1st era)

Logo (May 21, 1964-August 11, 2017)

Visuals: Some lights are turned up, and we see a sculpture on a red/brown background. The sculpture consists of a kid above a big "S", and another kid above a big "P". Both kids are holding each other's hands. The sculpture is over a pedestal which contains "SURESH PRODUCTIONS", being revealed after another light is turned on.

Technique: Live action.

Audio: A melody made by a trumpet.

Availability: Seen on movies of the time released by the company like Prema Maridam, Sri Krishna Tulabharam, Madhumasam and other movies which are available on the company's channel on YouTube.

Legacy: It's a very popular logo in Telugu cinema.

Suresh Pictures

Logo (June 30, 1965)

Visuals: Similar to the previous logo, on top of the "SP" are two armored kids holding two swords making contact with each other, one kid above the "S" and another above the "P". On the pedestal is "SURESH PICTURES", and behind all of that, rising smoke can be seen.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Starting with a long drumroll and then a nine-note brass fanfare with the last note being held.

Availability: Seen only on Pratigna Palana.

Suresh Combines

Logo (August 31, 1967)

Visuals: Again, similar to the previous two logos, the sculpture consists of two kids holding their hands, one kid above the "S" and another (shorter than the first kid) above the "C". On the pedestal is "SURESH COMBINES".

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Another trumpet melody unlike the Suresh Productions logo.

Availability: Seen only on Stree Jamna.

Suresh Movies

Logo (October 30, 1969-June 28, 1976)

Visuals: There is a statue of two kids holding a flag which contains Maruti drawn on it. "SM" and "SURESH MOVIES" are seen stacked on top of this statue. There are many searchlights moving around, and smoke is working its way throughout the bottom.

Variant: Some films like Secretary cut the logo to before the last note of the fanfare plays.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: The same melody used in Vijaya International. Sepoy Chinnaiah uses the Vijaya Productions music.

Availability: Seen on Jeevana Tarangalu, Bommalu Chepinna Katha, Sepoy Chinnaiah, Prema Nagar, Chakravaakam, and Secretary.

Suresh Productions (2nd era)

Logo (June 29, 2018-)

Visuals: There are several stars flying through a galaxy background in several shots. They fly into the familiar statue, then the logo fades to the statues (now adults in fighting poses instead of children), then to the text on the pedestal reading the company's name on the steps with "SINCE 1964" on another step. The logo fades to the statue itself, zooming out into a comfortable distance as the stars surround it.

Variants: A "50 Years" variant exists, along with a short variant consisting of just the final part of the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A melody made by a trumpet.

Availability: Seen on movies released by the company since 2018. The logo first debuted on Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi.

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