Sultan Productions

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Sultan Productions was a film company founded by Indian film director Sultan Ahmed (1938-2002). This company produced only 5 films between 1973 and 1995.

Logo (December 7, 1973-March 24, 1995)

Visuals: On a dark setting, there is a silhouette of a two-squared pedestal and stepping on it is a "sultan" carrying a sheep on it's head, which is on a dark yellow fog that stands still until the deep voice stops talking (see Audio). Then, a light from a distance reveals the statue, which is the same thing as before, but all in a yellow color scheme. On the pedestal is the initials "SP" on red.

Variant: On Jai Vikantra, the logo is in a darker tone and the camera is more zoomed in on the boy with the sheep, so we can't fully see the pedestal. Afterward, the text:


in yellow wipes from the center.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A loud male voice (Indian actor Prithviraj Kapoor) saying in Hindi: "कश्तियाँ सबकी किनारे पे पहुँच जाती हैं, नाख़ुदा जिनका नहीं उन का ख़ुदा होता है". Then, a 3-note shrill violin fanfare with an orchestra plays when the statue is revealed.

Availability: It was seen on Heera, Ganga Ki Saugandh, and Dharam Kanta and Daata. The variant was seen on the aforementioned Jai Vikantra.

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