Sree Harini Pictures

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Logo (March 20, 2015)

Visuals: It starts out the same as The Film Company logo; the differences are "SREE HARINI PICTURES" being printed instead, and the seal is absent. After the typewriter fades out, the text zooms in, as it wipes away to reveal a three-dimensional, silvery version of the same text in an Impact-like font. Meanwhile, a red line forms under the text, which shines from the left after it zooms in. A bright white flash then moves from right to left, and transforms the text into its Tamil-language translation, which shines once more. The whole logo then fades out in a bright flash.

Technique: Same as The Film Company logo, as well as the zoom-in, the text forming, and the flashing.

Audio: A quiet string piece, accompanied by the sounds of the typewriter (different from The Film Company logo) and several whooshes.

Availability: Seen on Agathinai.

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