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Logo (April 6, 1983)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a white iris with a blue and red fill on the top and bottom corner respectively. The iris zooms in before the rest of the eye shape zooms out and fits with the iris. Then, multiple strokes are drawn from two magenta lines representing the eyelids and a bottom, blue path with a yellow outline on top indicating the bottom eyelash. Seven blue strokes with a white gradient to the left are then drawn from the right. After being fully drawn, the eye moves to the top of the screen to allow "SODISCI" in white to scroll from the right as well as "PRÉSENTE" to wipe in at the bottom of the screen. As the eye fades out, the text also wipes from the top.

Technique: Zoom-ins, wipe-ins and outs, and the eye drawing itself.

Audio: A fast paced 70's pop fanfare.

Availability: The logo is seen on Le Bal du Viol.

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