Skouras Films

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Logo (April 15, 1940)

Visuals: Against a dark, scrolling cloud background, an outlined sketch of the Parthenon is shown on the bottom left. A searchlight coming from the roof reveals "H ‘ΣΚΟΥΡΑΣ ΦΙΛΜΣ,Α.Ε, ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΖΕΙ ΤΟ ΕΡΓΟΝ", within five rows and surrounding the ancient temple, as well as a model globe slowly spinning on the top right. Several seconds later, the globe stops spinning and a searchlight, also from the roof of the Parthenon, beams into it

Technique: Cel animation and live-action model work.

Audio: A third through the logo sequence, the opening theme of the film plays over.

Availability: The logo is seen on The Parting Song.

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