Shourie's SGS Pvt. Ltd.

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Shourie's SGS Pvt., Ltd. was an Indian film company founded by film producer Sattee Shourie.

Logo (February 22, 1991)

Visuals: There is a painting of two royal Indian people riding their white horses, in which the camera zooms out from their faces. The company name "Shourie's SGS Pvt. Ltd." zooms in while spinning clockwise and flashes once it stops. A white light then wipes in "PRESENTS" from below.

Trivia: That painting represents Krishna and Arjuna at the Kurikshetra war. That war is one of the stories inside the Mahabharata.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation for zoom out, 2D animation for the text zooming in and the lights.

Audio: An Indian tune with sitar, with a man singing after around 20 seconds.

Availability: It was seen on a Bollywood movie called Farishtay.

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