Shatrujit Films

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Shatrujit Films was an Indian film company founded by Shatrujit Paul, which produced only three films: Bahu Beti (1965), Mehmaan (1973) and Ammanat (1977), with the last one directed by him, too.

Logo (September 27, 1965-January 1, 1977)

Visuals: On a dark background, there's a silhouette of a small statue and some letters over a big sphere spinning around itself. Then, the silhouette stops spinning and a light illunimates the entire statue to reveal the figure, which consists of an archer over a globe. In front of the archer is "SHATRUJIT FILMS" (the extension of the text comes from Italy to Japan).

Variant: Amaanat uses a red tinted version of this logo.

Technique: Mostly live-action.


  • Bahu Beti: A relaxing melody with a sitar.
  • Amaanat: A dramatic melody with violins.

Availability: As stated in Audio, this was seen on Bahu Beti and Amaanat.

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