Saravana Films

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1st Logo (October 31, 1959-May 27, 1966)

Visuals: It starts off with a cloudy background. The clouds move to show us some mountains with lots of snow. Then, there is a waterfall (supposed to be the Hgenakkal Waterfalls). The camera appears in a different position, closer to the waterfall, which is translucent now and there are some scenes (all them in live action) which include:

  • A religious celebration.
  • Some views of the Meenkshi Temple.

Later, the waterfall turns opaque and we now see some waves. The camera moves from the sea to the Thiruchendur Muruga Temple (this temple is closer to the beach), where the camera cuts. Finally is the statue of Murugan (who also goes by the name Saravana) in the middle of a mountain, on a landscape with some mountains. There's a set of text below Murugan, with the name of the company in Tamil.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A melody made with a tampura, which is accompanied by a male singing in Tamil "Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha" (he repeats the same part thrice) when we see the scenes inside the waterfall, in addition of a kind of glockenspiel and a sitar. When we see Murugan, there's a chorus singing the same fragment that the male, in addition of the previous instruments, that are heard too. At the end, a dramatic note is heard.

Availability: This was seen on the B&W films released by this company: "Bhaga Pirivinai", "Panathottam", "Kalangarai Vilakkam", "Palum Pazhamum", "Padha Kaanikkai" and "Chandhrodhayam". All them can be found on YouTube.

2nd Logo (November 3, 1964)

Visuals: On a dark background, there are two candles and a light, with some smoke, behind a silhouette of a statue. Then, the lights are turned up and we see the statue is Murugan, against a landscape with some mountains. We can also see that Murugan wears a pendant with flowers, and is over a white (with some golden paints) pedestal with some petals. The candles and the pedestal are above a white table.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: See previous logo.

Availability: This was only seen on Padagotti.

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