Rhyme Productions

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Rhyme Productions is a broadcasting and media production company based in Cairo.

Logo (August 9, 2023-)

Visuals: The inside of a three-slice blue-turquoise gradient right triangle, with its upper two sides having rounded ends, is seen, which would act as the stylised R's legs. The shot specifically starts with the bottom of the centre piece and the top of the lower, rigid piece of the right triangle. The letters forming "RHYME" in white are shown flying out of that section as a film director's chair with the company's logo on it is seen next to the letters. The larger piece of the right triangle falls down and meets up with the other pieces as the screen zooms out of the area, showing the pieces on a black D-shaped box with faint blue-cyan lighting on its edges. Falling down following the larger piece of the right triangle is "RHYME" with each letter arriving individually, and the stylised R's bowl, with a normal blue color on its left edge, aligning its bottom part with the right triangle's bottom right area. Shortly before said pieces merge with the right triangle and box, "PRODUCTIONS RAMY ELSOKKARY" in a stacked format quickly turn in from left to right. By the time the text finished forming, the box finishes zooming out, leaving the logo floating on a dark and smoky dark blue-dark teal gradient background..

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A blast sound effect when the logo flies out.

Availability: It can be seen on The Yellow Duck.

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