Rawail Grandsons Entertainment & Software Pvt, Ltd

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The company was founded in 2008 by Rajat Rawail in India, lasting a few years before being folded into T-Series in the fall of 2011.

Logo (2009-2011?)

Visuals: There is a white background that quickly fades into a grainy scene where a male lion (who is vaguely similar to Simba from The Lion King) is seen walking on a rock platform, his cubs follow behind him. Then the cubs start to roar, making the logo get brighter in the process. The adult lion also roars with them, morphing into a beige-colored design that shines a few times on a black background with a Times New Roman-like font in bronze that says


Technique: 2D animation, and grainy editing. Done in early 2009 by Prime Focus World (which would later merge with DNEG in 2014).

Audio: Orchestral and tribal music, accompanied by lion roars. A prototype version of the music is used on Shortcut: The Con is On.

Availability: Seen on No Problem, Ready, and Shortcut: The Con is On, among others.

Legacy: This logo is infamous for tracing animation elements from The Lion King.

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