R.M. Art Productions

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R.M. Art Productions was an Indian film company founded by producer Ratan Mohan. Between 1964 and 1994, the company produced near 20 films.

1st Logo (May 10, 1965)

Visuals: On a lighted sunburst background of red, green, yellow and white lines over a Hindu shrine, a statue of the sun god Surya riding a chariot pulled by seven horses can be seen. The god carries the rope on the nose of the horses, and clouds are seen from the horses' hooves. and a beige pedestal is shown saying "R.M. ART PRODUCTIONS".

Technique: A live-action photograph.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare, which the last note is being held following into a menacing fanfare that the triumphant one preceded it, consisting of many crashes.

Availability: Only seen on Ram Bharat Milan.

2nd Logo (April 18, 1975-April 15, 1994)

Visuals: On a black background, a silhouette is seen. Suddenly, lights turn on to reveal the silhouette of the text, which says "R.M. ART" on the top, and "PRODUCTIONS", which is covered on a pedestal, in the bottom, all in gold, white, brown or beige. The background is black on the bottom of the screen, and the logo heavily shines with a massive amount of lights when it's finished revealing.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: An extremely loud rustling sound, followed by wind, and an deep Indian voice reading the following mantra: "खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले खुदा बन्दे से खुद पूछे बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है.". A soft drum roll is heard.

Availability: Seen on Sangram, Jwala, Haatim Tai and Maha Shaktishaali.

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