Pratap Art Productions

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Pratap Art Productions was founded by late Tollywood senior producer K. Raghavan.

Logo (March 23, 1973-November 23, 1990)

Visuals: There is the sky being brightened up by flashes of lightning, as the camera pans down and we see a model of a knight on horseback carrying a spear-like weapon, below a turntable. A sunburst pattern then appears on the background, as the turntable spins and shows the knight on the front as the lights turn up. "PRATAP ART PRODUCTIONS" then fades in at the bottom, being transparently shown.

Variant: An alternate, colorized version exists between 1974-1975 where the lightning flashes are less apparent, the background is colored red, and the light is facing towards the left-most side of the statue. The text is also more opaque.

Technique: Mostly live-action.

Audio: The loud sounds of the thunder at the beginning, followed by a tribal Indian theme with a flute melody once the text fades in.

Availability: Seen on most of Raghavan's filmography during its timespan.

  • The standard variant initially appeared on Thatha Manavudu and was last seen on Ankitham. It was also seen on Samsaram Saagaram, Thoorpu Padamara, Intlo Rammaiah Veedhilo Krishnaiah, Tarangini, and Ee Prasnaku Baduledi.
  • The alternate variant was only seen on Chaduvu Samskaram as well as Anthuleni Vintha Katha.
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