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Pramod Films is an Indian Hindi-language film company founded in 1958 by Indian film producer Pramod Chakravorty. The company is currently led by his grandson Prateek Chakravorty.

1st Logo (November 18, 1966-August 15, 1986)

Visuals: There is a statue of a Hindu god Shiva holding a trident standing on top of a rocky landscape in a dark room. After a few seconds, smoke can be seen rising around the statue, and lights slowly illuminate the setting, revealing below the statue is a stone carving containing the company's name "PRAMOD FILMS" with an old movie pattern surrounding it. It soon fades to black.


  • The lights may vary in colour on every movie.
  • Sometimes, the smoke is not visible.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A traditional Indian tune plays after a descending piano stinger.

Audio Variants:

  • Starting in 1969, the flute melody has been re-recorded.
  • The theme may also vary in pitch depending on the film.

Availability: Seen on Love in Tokyo, Tunse Achcha Kaun Hai, Naya Zamana, Jugnu, Azaad , Jagir and Shatru.

2nd Logo (August 14, 1992-August 7, 1998)

Visuals: A silhouette of a statue of Shiva can be seen along with moving smoke below it on a sunset background. Lights from above slowly illuminate the setting, revealing a rocky landscape along with the company's name sitting below the statue. A gust of wind blows away the smoke, making the company's name more visible.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A traditional melody which consists of strums of a sitar along with a bansuri playing a similar melody from the previous logo, which is followed by an ascending choral tune ending with a few more sitar strums.

Audio Variant: On Barood, a different melody is used with similar instruments.

Availability: Seen on Deedar and Barood.

3rd Logo (August 31, 2012-)

Visuals: The first element shown is an apocalyptic landscape with dead trees and torn pieces of ribbon in the middle. Bolts of lightning can also be seen flashing in the clouds. Shortly after, A silhouette of Shiva doing the Tandava emerges from the sun, which causes the torn ribbons to fly and rotate around Shiva, forming a pattern at it along with a Monolith containing the text:


rising from the ground. As the ribbons stop rotating and surround the silhouette, A flash engulfs the entire scene, which causes the background to be white, the ribbon pattern to become solid gold, "PRAMOD" turning into the color black and "FILMS" to become grey.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The sounds of rumbling can be heard with an announcer saying the dialogue first used in Time Films, followed by the sound of twinkling when the flash appears.

Availability: Seen on From Sydney With Love and Jomer Raja Dilo Bor (see trailer).

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