Parthenon Films

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Logo (March 18, 1957)

Visuals: A simplified drawing of the Parthenon is displayed on a black background, with "ΠΑΡΘΕΝΩΝ" acting as the pillars and "ΦΙΛΜΣ" taking up the middle of the stairs beneath the Parthenon. Below, there are two sets of texts saying "Τ. ΠΑΠΑΧΡΙΣΤΟΦΊΛΟΥ•Τ. ΧΑΝΙΩΤΗς", all italicized and in white. "Παρουσιάζει:" in a handwritten format can be seen underneath the texts.

Technique: A printed image.

Audio: "Ancient Fanfare #51" by Harry Bluestone, also used by Golden Gate Film Co. and some episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Availability: Seen only on Της Τύχης Τα Γραμμένα. The other films they've produced either use an in-credit notice or don't use a logo at all.

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