Paguro Film

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Paguro Film is an independent British film production company founded by Giada Mazzoleni in 2018.

1st Logo (October 19, 2018-)

Visuals: The stacked white text "PAGURO film" is shown with the "A" tilted and its left and right leg to the right and above two dots.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The closing theme of the film.

Availability: The logo appears on Moths to flame and Fulci for fake.

2nd Logo (February 2, 2024-)

Visuals: The company name in the same style as before is shown below a drawing of a white brunette girl with long hair bending down with her torso inside a seashell.

Trivia: The drawing is called "Coming Out Of My Shell" and it was made by Frida Castelli.

Technique: Digital ink and paint.

Audio: None.

Availability: It debuted on Dario Argento Panico.

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