New World Enterprises

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Not to be confused with New World Pictures, a defunct American production, distribution and multimedia company.

Logo (February 10, 1989)

Visuals: A sparkling starfield fades in. After a few seconds, a spinning live-action globe model fades in and zooms, then two flashes of lightning appear, making the globe stop zooming. The words "NEW WORLD" and "ENTERPRISES", in white and stacked, then suddenly unfold in front of the globe and stop. The globe keeps on spinning.

Technique: A mix of practical effects and cel animation.

Audio: A gentle string/trumpet fanfare, with the sounds of the thunderclaps playing about after the half second where the globe appears. Then the male announcer says, "The plaintiff might wish you a million ills, but what of it? That alone happens that God allows.", the same line as Mehboob Productions.

Availability: So far, only seen on Joshilaay.

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