Myungbo Film Company

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Myungbo Film Company (明宝映画撮影所) was founded by Korean director Lee Byung-il, who formerly worked in Nikkatsu.[1] They only produced one film, as Lee did not make further films in the colonial era. Lee would return in making films in 1954 under a new film production company, Dong-ah Motion Picture.

Logo (November 7, 1941)

Visuals: A carving of the Myungbo logo (a circle with the characters "明宝" inside) is shown over a wooden sunburst-like background. The characters "明宝映画撮影所製作" below the circle is shown reading right to left, meaning "a Myungbo Film Company production".

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A short fanfare.

Availability: Only seen before Spring on the Korean Peninsula.


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