Murghan Enterprise

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Murghan Enterprise is an Indian film company founded by Indian film director Ambrish Sangal.

Logo (June 1, 1974-July 18, 1986)

Visuals: On a dark background, there are two candles. Suddenly we see a purple smoke, and after a red smoke we see the shadow of a religious statue (supposed to be Kartikeya, also known as Murughan, who gives the name of the company). The lights are turned up and we see the statue, which inside a big red circle where we can read "muRGHaN ENTERPRISE" in golden letters. The statue is also above a white circle. The circle contains an elephant with three heads (which resembles the national emblem of India) on a red background. The candles are on the right and the left of the circle with the elephant. The smoke continues moving inside the big red circle, behind the statue, which is now yellow-orange, the color of the original fire.


  • Dard uses a dark night with stars and galaxies moving. The Murghan logo is off-centered, because it stands more to the right.
  • The first film to feature this logo, Paap Aur Punya, uses a similar concept but with thin fog and revolving colors instead of smoke.

Technique: Live-action and practical animation.

Audio: A swarmandal melody followed by a Hindu mantra sung by a male chorus.

Audio Variants:

  • On Dard, the logo is silent.
  • On Paap Aur Punya, there's a melody with a sitar.

Availability: Seen on Chor Sipahee, Gautam Govinda, Dard, Paap Aur Punya (The Prince and the Pauper), Wanted (Dead or Alive) and Begaana.

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