Mumtaz Films

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Mumtaz Films was the production company of Indian writer Mumtaz Ali.

Logo (October 20, 1961-June 14, 1966)

Visuals: First we see a Christian church in the middle of a thin smoke. After that, the camera zooms out to show us a Hindi temple. The camera zooms out again, and this time we see a Muslim mosque. Finally, there is a translucent candle between the mosque and the temple.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: When we see the church, there is the sound of a big bell. When we see the temple, there is some loud sounds from metal percussion instruments. And we hear a Muslim religious song when we see the mosque. The logo ends with a man saying "لَب پِہ آتی ہَے دُعا بَن کے تَمَنّا مِری۔ زِنْدَگی شَمْع کی صُورَت ہو خُدايا مِری".

Availability: Seen on Chhote Nawab, Patni Patni, and Bhoot Bungla.

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