Moon Films International

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Logo (2008)

Visuals: Over a murky blue background, a white light flies from the left. Then, a red M with small square holes laid out across the top and bottom (giving it a filmstrip-esque design) appears from it, zooming in whilst spinning leftwards. Another light shoots out from the aforementioned light, placing itself on the right side of the M before an "F" in the same color and design zooms in from the light, flipping downwards in the process. Another light is shot out and placed rightwards of the two letters and an I, also red with small square holes on the top and bottom, zooms in from its light as the first light flies offscreen to the top. The I glows and the background fades to black before two filmstrips, one above the letters and the other below, fly from right to left and left to right respectively. As this happens, the M and F slide closer to the I, then four filmstrips with curled edges fade in, surrounding the letters before the aforementioned moving filmstrips fly offscreen. A gold glow appears from behind the bottom filmstrip, which increases its focus to form the words "MOON FILMS INTERNATIONAL". The text and logo both zoom out as the filmstrips glows white whilst the text briefly shines before a red and white light pattern appears in the filmstrips before glowing white again.

Technique: CGI and chyron text effects.

Audio: A complex synth and bell theme with reversed cymbal crashes as the letters appear.

Availability: Can be seen on বিয়ের লগ্ন

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