Mongolian Telefilm

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Logo (1986-1989)

Visuals: In a red room, there is a shiny model of an endless knot rotating clockwise sitting on a shiny pole. When it stops, facing the southeast direction, 2 white sets of text reading "МОНГОЛ" and "ТЕЛЕКИНО" wipe in underneath the model individually.


  • The font is Romanized on Ингэн эгшиг, Манай үеийнхэн and Уртын дуу.
  • On Элдүүр зөөлөн болтугай and Уртын дуу, the model is slightly angled more towards the left.

Technique: A mix of stop-motion animation and cel animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Mainly saved on documentary films during its time period, specifically seen on Ингэн эгшиг, Манай үеийнхэн, Эрүүл энхийн жаргалан, Элдүүр зөөлөн болтугай, Уртын дуу and төсөл Хоньчин хүү.

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