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Merryland was the second film production studio in the Malayalam language film industry of India. It was established in 1951 by P. Subramaniam in Trivandrum, Kerala. The studio has produced 69 films (all them produced under the banner of Neela Productions), with 59 of them directed by P. Subrahmaniam himself. Merryland Studio was famous for their professional rivalry with Udaya Studio, which was the first movie studio of Kerala. This film company closed at the death of P. Subranamiam in 1979.

1st Logo (October 17, 1953-April 11, 1974)

Visuals: There is the first half of the earth (which is rotating). On top of the earth is a statue of a Hindu god with a spear. With the right hand he salutes, and with the left hand he touches the neck of a peacock, which is behind him. Then, the text:


in white zooms and fades in.

Trivia: The god depicted is Kartikeya, also known in Malayalam as Subramanya.

Technique: Live-action and practical animation.

Audio: A cymbal crash, followed by a trumpet solo and a violin.

Audio variants:

  • For the most part, the fanfare's pitch varies depending on the film.
  • Attam Bomb uses a shortened/rearranged version of the solo.
  • On Kochaniyathi and Professor, the fanfare starts with a three-note violin stinger, and the last few notes were omitted while being high-pitched,
  • In some films, it is silent.

Availability: It was seen on B&W movies from the period, like Ponkathir (1953), Avakashi (1954), Balya Sakhi (1954), Harischandra (1955), Aniyathi (1955), Manthravadi (1956), Padatha Painkili (1957), Mariakkutty (1958), Bhakta Kujela (1961), Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi (1961), Christmas Raathri (1961), Sreerama Pattaabhishekam (1962), Snaapaka Yohannaan (1963), Attam Bomb (1964), Maayaavi (1965), Puthri (1966), Lady Doctor (1967), Hotel Highrange (1968), Viplavakaarikal (1968), Swapnangal (1970), Kochaniyathi (1971), Professor (1972), Swargaputhri (1973), and Youvanam (1974).

2nd Logo (December 26, 1969-August 26, 1977)

Visuals: On a red background with yellow lights, there is a different statue of Subramanya and the peacock from the previous logo above the earth. However, the earth is not rotating unlike the previous logo, then, the text:


in yellow fades in.

Technique: Live-action and practical animation.

Audio: A remastered version of the fanfare that is used in the previous logo.

Audio variant:

  • It could also be a rhythmic percussion tune, and the tune changes depending on the film.
  • On Devi Kanyakumari, none.

Availability: It was seen on color movies released by the company, like Kumarasambhavan (1969), Sree Guruvayoorappan (1972), and Swami Ayyappan (1975), Hridayam Oru Kshethram (1976), and Sree Murugan (1977).

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