Manjilas Cine Enterprise

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Manjilas Cine Enterprise was an Indian Malayalam language film company founded by the producer Manjilas Ouseph Joseph (1929-2016). This company produced 25 films between 1968 and 1985.

Logo (June 30, 1968-December 2, 1983?)

Visuals: On a grayscale background, there is a silhouette of a person with a bow and arrow riding a deer. A light illuminates the statue, also causing the company's name "MANJILAS" in a thin font to appear above the statue, which is curving around it.

Technique: A mix of practical and fading effects.

Audio: A sitar theme with a lyre flourish once the statue is revealed.

Availability: This was seen on most of Joseph's films which also includes Yakshi and Ezhunirangal.

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