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Logo (2005)

Visuals: On a wooden background with a tub of Scrabble-like tiles to the right, there is a pair of hands dump a bunch of perforated metal strips on the background. The hands move the tub aside, and then begin linking several sets of strips together with a screwdriver. The strips each form a single letter in the word "MANDRAGORA". Once all of the letters are complete, the hands shift and organize all of the letters to the middle. The hand then disappears and comes back with a handful of the Scrabble tiles from before, and uses them to form "THECINEMADDICTEDJOINT", before placing blank tiles between "THE" and "CINEMADDICTED" and "JOINT", making it read "THE CINEMADDICTED JOINT".

Technique: Stop-motion.

Audio: The very quiet linking and jangling of the metallic strips.

Availability: Seen on The Death of Mr. Lazarescu.

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